About Us

Peace In The City is a Faith-Based organization founded to assist families whose children or adolescence are experiencing mental illness. 

Our Philosophy 

Peace In The City is committed to delivering person-centered services throughout the organization. The plan is to implement the expressed needs and desires of the persons served and their abilities, capabilities, and the support necessary to reach their goals.  

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Our Standards of Practice

Peace In The City adheres to the ethical, legal, and clinical standard of practice set forth by the State of North Carolina Department of Human Resources. Regarding the Levels of Care and Residential and Day Treatment services in cooperation with the contracting Area MH/DD/SA Authority standards of practice.


Peace In The City adheres to the ethical and legal business standard of practice set forth by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the local Chamber of Commerce.

Peace In The City will strive to provide the highest quality of services possible. The staff and administrators attend various ongoing training programs and seminars that address the population served. The administrators of Peace In The City have allied with several providers of Residential Services, Case Managers, Therapists, and other Mental Health Professionals to stay abreast of any Mental Health changes.