Level III Residential Facility Services

Residential Treatment Level III service is responsive to the need for intensive, active therapeutic intervention, which requires a staff secure treatment setting to be successfully implemented. This setting has a higher level of consultative and direct service from psychologists, psychiatrists, medical professionals, etc. Staff is awake during sleep hours, and supervision is continuous.

This service includes all Family/Program Residential Treatment elements and the following activities:

Individualized, intensive, and constant supervision and structure of daily living designed to minimize the occurrence of behavior related to functional deficits, ensure safety and contain out-of-control behaviors, including intensive and frequent crisis management with or without physical restraint to maintain the optimum level of functioning.


Includes active efforts to contain and actively confront inappropriate behaviors and assist the client in unlearning maladaptive behaviors. Includes relationship support to assist the consumer in managing the stress and discomfort associated with the process of change and maintenance of gains achieved earlier and specifically planned and implemented therapeutically focused interactions

designed to assist the consumer in correcting various patterns of grossly inappropriate interpersonal

behavior, as needed. Additionally, providers require significant skill in maintaining positive

relationship in interpersonal dynamics, which typically provoke rejection, hostility, anger and



Treatment is provided in a structured program setting, and staff is present and available at all times of the day, including overnight awake. A minimum of two staff is required per four clients at all times. The Therapeutic Relationship provides all Family/Program Residential Treatment Level III elements plus the relationship, which is structured to remain therapeutically positive in response to grossly inappropriate and provocative interpersonal behaviors, including verbal and some physical aggression.  Program daily living is structured to provide all Family/Program Residential Treatment Level III elements plus intensified structure, supervision, and containment of frequent and highly inappropriate behavior. This setting is typically defined as being "staff secure." The treatment provides all Family/Program Residential Treatment Level II elements plus active "unlearning" of grossly inappropriate behaviors with intensive skill acquisition. Includes specialized, on-site interventions from qualified professionals.

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